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Plum Island

Langley and Hit List

Pfizer lies once more

Practical Politics


Facebook banning

11AM on x-town bus

As excess deaths rise

The seven parts of the night


The Body Electric

Our survey sez

1649: No Queen

BBC and Boasting

The Embalmer and the Dead

The freezing of Western Europa

Pandemic NGO's

Green Supremacism

2022 and excess deaths

Fauci and Covid Response

Installing Biden Creates

War is the health of States

Eco Totalitarian Theocracy

The Club Ain't US

Darpa's Pandemic Prevention Program 2017 bought RNA vaccines in 2012-2013

Die Wende/ ‘Great Corona Reset’

1972 WHO Bulletin 47, No 2 Memoranda #1 and #2

Cyberspace Orbit


9/10 Naomi Wolf

Ship of Ghouls

Paul Craig Roberts

A point and my view

Think on France then

JFK to Biden

Excess deaths last year


Tis our horoscope


Mad Max for US peeps

A good stack

Old news but timely from 2020

Covid and Bilderberg


This essay: Our Farce

Just another day

Madness openly

Freed And Dumb

Collpase, slow then fast

Excess Risk of Adverse Side Effects

Rappaport vs. Egomania

The Neo-Liberal cannibals

Ain't got no leaders we can depend on

Cyberwarfare. Terrorism. Bio-chemical attacks. The nuclear arms race. Surveillance. The drug wars. Domestic extremism. The COVID-19 pandemic.

Good Bye to All That

Pandemic Treaty 2.0

Dulness is a Godess

Slapstick Un-Governance

Just mass murder, move along

Facebook to let “fact checkers” comment on posts that “may not be verifiably false”

Do health and science institutions have studies proving that bacteria CAUSE disease?


A little night music

My old friend

Biden administration has been paying MSM to push COVID vaccines

Jared Kushner

Twitter Censors the Hedge

O Canada

Reflections on the plague/The Bare Life and the Vaccine

DemCast is a non-profit organization utilizing social media to push left-wing narratives online through tens of thousands of accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ukraine is 51st State

So many reasons for the end of USA

Slippin' into Darkness

From Mike Adams

Graphene and Radio signals

I'm a Senator not a Horse

Sorry man, we can't count


Yeah, delicately

Rouze Up

China: Soft Power in USA


I think this time next year

Mockery Music

You know and I know

Gimme back my money

Scientists Have Recreated the Deadly Spanish Flu of 1918 and Infected Monkeys

Militant atheism

Demise of the US empire some time between 2030-2040

Sanitary State: CDC

For sale USA

More on Graphene in Vax

Ground Control to Hal

Israeli passport safe with Jared

Inject to die

Miller on art


What makes money money?

No "Big Bang"

Man's Fate

The Party

2001: Agamben

Tell me, Sister Morphine, how long have I been lying here?

Hey Now, Hey Now

An exiled poet

Hopeless Hopeless Hopeless

Post Civilization Terra

Boosted and ill

There are those who say it will never be done

Y2K and Manunkind

The game

NIH and Covid-19

We are verbs

Stop that train

Look at the experiments

No virus


Stuck in China Again

Wuhan locked down


Paul Craig Roberts

Hahvad shrinks Vlad

GARABANDAL, Spain 10.30 p.m., June 19, 1962

The Now of August

Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain

Numbers game


A community of ....

Sol Luckman

Great Firewall

Wu Flu

Ship of Fools

Medical Post-Modernism

Death of Festung Europa

Berdyaev on Communism

Pfizer (that Chicom company) & Pox

Collapsed China

Graphene Goes Big

Mendacity and Media

Men with Plans to create our present

Maurice Strong

Planet Illness


Mash Up

Full Enjoyment, Not Full Employment

Afghanistan not Ukraine

The Genetic Bomb: Paul Virilio and Sylvère Lotringer

Seyyed Hossein Nasr on The Occult War

China, Money and Friends

Thus I refute your argument of safe and effective

From Fukushima to Covid

From 2014: Putin and the Globalists

How in 2016 I predicted the 2020 ScamDemic Or at least, its totalitarianism.

China and English Prime Minister in waiting

Crowd Psychology

High Tech thoughts

How near in time 1534

Naomi Wolf

Eurasia and West

90 years ago

Breakfast questions

Luxembourg to Solzhenitsyn

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good

It did and does remind me of Fauci

Black cold once hot coffee

Max Headroom reports

Reality is subjective objects juxtaposed

The Gamblers

A comedy of the Ukranian sort

Cops in gear in Ulvalde hallway

Dr. Vernon Coleman

Ain't no escape from summertime blues

Freedom or Death

A parable

7 Days in October

Wave that flag higher and higher

In 1981 it was a very good year

Linked In and Science Denialism

A friend of the devil indeed

Spanish Order Authorises Biocide Spraying for Disinfection

MunichRe and Metabiota

Journey to the End of Our Old Time

Billy Gates is only here to kill

Big Tech or Big Trouble fete

Katherine Watt -Do not comply

This sea road to Shanghai, the jet to Xian

Once upon a time in these United States

In Covid imprisonment

Okay Stegiel I get it, I see where u go

Brazilian Puppet interviewed by

This Train Is Bound For Glory

Calvin Coolidge - July 4 speech

Dear Medical Experts on Vaccines

$380 oil, what would or won't it do

Tyranny till death:

The Four Companies That Control the 147 Companies That Own Everything

Justice Department Approves Merger Of German Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer And Monsanto

“Reset The Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System"

Facebook flags The Babylon Bee for “false information” over pregnant Ken doll satire


So long Sweden been nice to know ya

A comedy in Austria

There were those who said it wouldn't be done


Political Ponerology in USA

Team Amerika, Team Russia, Team China

FDA Panel Advisor Admits Agency “LOST” Clinical Trial Data for Placebo Group Before Approving Experimental Vaccine for Babies and Toddlers

LAPD is a mob, no simulation needed

What graphene oxide and nanotechnology have to do with 5G – Interview with

Andre Breton on Education

The Lifesaving Drug Illusion

Our Survey Says

5 more years for China

Pandemic babies' with no immunity

Two years of Bidenismo

Canada or Tyranny

Cultural Cold War


The Military and

Not About Roe


High weirdness in all its many forms

PCR once more blinded by the obvious

- Decolonize Russia, Re-colonize China

Something for Everyone

Don't Think Twice It's All Right

What next in the vaccine games of nations

The New Reich

On Dugin

Mind Control

Is America a country?

The Great Reset

Austria in the Reich

Ghost World Coming faster

Defective parents must be stopped from having any children at all

So many reasons for war

O Death

Unsafe Defective vaccine products

Substack survey for me from customer svc

When we talk to the vaccinated


A drowned world

A Movie


More Texas Fun

Introducing Dave Emory

From the Farmer to consumers

The Grandmother of Conspiracy Research

Alex Constantine

Two texts on Mind Control

A quick take on La Mission

A Brief interlude

The vaccinated clown posse called Newz

St. Peter's Snow

U.S. Blues


Graphene Oxide

The Green Faith

A view

Covid-19 as a science fraud

Some links to peruse

Sunday morning in the cold gray American world

Still No Response to My Query. Imagine That :)

2022 or 1967

Test Me Test Me

A morning miscellany

Last post on being Banned by Stack

Kim .com sez

A thought on Free Speech


In every locale injections

Mass Murder

Agamben Intervention

6/02/2022 Agmben Intervention

Russia and the Hell Bound Train

Twas Ever Thus

1776 and all that jazz

Just Say Now

Oswaldo de Andrade

Everyone knows, and still they inject

27 EU nations: Round 6 of fight club

To laugh with gritted teeth

A Warning from PCR

Night coffee and night thoughts

After Covid-19 especially

Operation Dark Field

The Great Awakening according to Dugin

Millions perish

No Quarter

Not Banned by zFace for 30 days

Neos: Once Trotsky

The Partisan Leader

Days of Desperation, Nights of Disquiet

Dies Irae

Europe in the Cold and Dark

Excerpted From Confessions of a Fool

Only Don't Know Lesser Evil

Let us torment children


With a little help from

Musk is a rat


Weimar USA/Or Zimbabwe

Biden Readies Approval Of Long-Range Rockets To Ukraine - Russia Warns Over "Red Line"

This is what happens if you give up your guns: Australia announces TWO YEARS in prison for violating covid rules

A Comedy -Tonight

Sitting Here In Kaiser

Life Insurance Payouts



This is the End, my friend, the End


A Review of Agamben's Where Are We Now

The British Empire

Faust and Paper Money

Dr. Kory sez

1,000 studies show vaccine dangers

A Pox On The Monkey Pox

Steve Kirsch

Running in 83% humidity

Marcello Veneziani against the "hood" of conformism

The Post-Modern Savage

Table Top Monkeypox

Faust in Italy

Homo Sapiens as a corporate raid target

More Del Noce

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history

The Ides of May


Virginia Benassi


All in the chip

Brave New Slightly Bruised World

The WHO Pandemic Treaty

Terminal Criminality

A Mockery

Open insanity in Wisconsin

Morgellons Disease

Klaus Schwab our Robespierre

3 Souls 3 Quotes

Democrat Hawks

Starvation:Tyrant Tool


Ruled by Oligarchs

Knock knock knockin'

Maunder Minimum

FBI and Trump

Welcome to the Most Modern Moment

Tweet on Pfizer fraud

Known Unknowns

Their Satanic Majesties

Self spreading vaccines




Hunger Games

Black Peter


313 links

The Hood

All American Coup

Corporate World and Red China

Gold and Money

The Last Poets are our postmodern Bards

Titanism, Junger and Now

It's a wicked world in all meridians

May follies

The rush and pressure of modern life

Paul Craig Roberts

Heidegger in 1966

Augusto Del Noce and Our Time

Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations

Scott Horton Show: Secret Police Pick President

Some Stacks To Smoke

Covid Lies

Digital I.D for France

'These are voluntary inoculations': Zoo claims animals are getting COVID vaccines of their own free will

Italian Court Rules Mandatory Vaccination Unconstitutional, 'Fatal Side Effects' to Risky

War Drums

Freedom's just another word eh

James Burnham

A touching moment

1922 to 2022

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco

No White Hats and 2030

Psychopaths in Power

Grand Solar Minimum

The Masking Must Go On

Totalitarian Medicine

WHO and Totalitarian Power

Freelance science fiction is fact

San Francisco Comedy Break

Bologna, Italy testing social credit scoring

Ukraine costs

Ten Steps to Totaliarianism

More on 420

Happy 420

Data shows most COVID deaths occurred after the rollout of vaccines

Mexicali Blues

Treason and Vax Pre-Meditated Murder

Let us have madness openly

Hunger Games Coming by Mid-Terms

Elite Capture by China

Well look Shanghai, if you ain't starving yet

WEF & WTO push ‘global digital identity of persons and objects’

Putin as Chess Piece

Reset Mulling and the Biden crime family

Vaccine Skeptics

U.S. Firm With Ties To WEF, DOD Implicated In Bioweapons Cover-Up

Nicholas Berdyaev, Prophet for the Catholic Worker Movement: The Bourgeois Mind

Bolshevism and Easter 2022

150% More Adverse Vaccine Events Reported in Last 15 Months Than in Entire 32 Year History of VAERS Database

The view of a Persian journalist

Debt Saturation

Ukraine and Covid-19

American Dream

Conspiracy Covid or?

The best of times and the worst

Minerals: A follow up

Putin press conference excerpt

Sitting here in Limbo

Mark Crispin Miller

Energy War

30 Day Ban on FB


Soon, Ghost World


Night thoughts of Robinson Jeffers

The Fault lies not in our stars

Australians are prisoners

Repost from Good Citizen

Nietzsche's essay

Nancy has tested positive

U.S. Blues

NATO besieges Kaliningrad

A summery mood


20 Federal Agencies track religious objections to Vax

Russia and the Reset

The role of the CFR in the creation of the WEF

EU approves mandatory Covid vaccination

Why doth Treason never prosper

Sanctions Failure and Reset Coming

Vaccine Doom

The Suicide of the Western World

Free Money

When Resetting the IRBO

A Covid Court Comedy


Framing is how story works

Robert Malone nails it

Not with a bang

From Science With Love


Think this through with me, please

Banned Music

The WEF and War

Congress in Session

Tort Lawyers needed for HHS

CEO of Disney busted

Day 21

Henry K

Cocaine Import Agency and

Flat World


NATO, Nuclear, or Both

Meme War

Australian Gov. published data confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths; some ‘Quadruple’ Vaccinated

This is How We Do It

Global Crime Syndicate

Ides of March

More info on De-Dollaring

A Spat or a Split with Das Global?

Justice demands truth and reconciliation

O Can't You See

Welcome to the Machine

Excess Mortality 25-44

Proof, USA sez is absent on biolabs

Truth: Civilization persists on lies

European News With A Pro-Russia pov


The Rope remains around the neck

Big Headline

Two roads

Insect release

No one but Neocons needs intact Ukraine

The UK Law & an Oligarch

Duckduckgo caves

WEF interests

The Alternate World

Neo Con identification

WW3 Great Reset war brought to you by Joe "Lvov" Biden and a merry band of thieves and Zionists

Graft by Government

Credit Default Swaps

No wonder weapons

The Bad Guy

What Tucker Cannot Utter


How far are the belligerents willing to go

Don't Do Business Without It

Peace, Love, Revolution


From Mark Crispin Miller

A 2022 Hard Boiled Detective Story

Serving Man Broiled

Next Steps

New Energy Order

Open Russia

WHO loves ya

The Doors

2013 Moderna has patents for Covid

Covid-19: A Colonial Force

9 of 10 Covid deaths in UK Vaccinated

The Ukraine from a different view

A wicked world in all Meridians

War for Criminal Cover-Up

Mass Murder by Intent

Enter DADA

Suppose all we see with Russia

The Rise of the Terran Empire

Big Time Wrestling in the Bloodlands

New Zealand

Let's Dance

Trojan War

WHO takes over

Biowar USA and Ukraine


It's All Make Believe

Crash, burn, loot, "goin' to the go-go yeah.."

Political Theater


Facebook and Friendly Fascism

All in a dream



The Commentator


German Insurer speaks up

Clever Smear

To laugh, to cry, name that tune

Global Corporate Control: A study

Covid-19 as Enterprise Fraud

Murder and Moderna

A Canadian Rumor

Further ruminations on Truckers

Age of Accelerationism

More on Republics turning into Tyrannies

The Predator Class and Savage Capitalism

So long Canada, Canuckstan replaced ye

Schwab and Climate

Your life, your precious human life

More Stupidity with Truckers

Trudeau or Creon or Circus Strong Man

A single atomic bomb, the first weapon of its type ever used against a target, exploded over the city of Hiroshima at 0815 on the morning of 6 August 1945

Dr. Malone is Most Loyal to Vaccines

From Maja's Blog

The Dim Years: Western Bolshevism

WEF network analysis

Agamben on fear

Scotland: Highland and Lowland Clearances

Bryam Bridle of Canada

I had a dream last night, what a lovely dream

Murder by Big Med

Sudden Death is entirely abnormal unless

A Mirror for the West

Descent into Hell

Politiks ist Das Schicksal

The Fire Next Time



Just another day

No White Hats, This time it's up to U

Let us reason together

John Donne

By Virtue of Virtue We

The Opera


Rand Paul

Enterprise Corruption Hypernormalization and the end of America


Not Your High Paid Sleuth from MSM

Really excellent point on Clown World

Limited Hang Out On Omicron

Stupor Bowl

DOJ and Opening Constituent Mail

Sure, add HIV to vaccine, why not

Georgia, Georgia's On My Mind

Welcome to the Biden/Nixon Police State

Biden Department of Homeland Security

Death Don't Have No Mercy In This Land

A Comedy, Tonight


Le Situation

One small point on Truckers

Diana West on Robert Malone

Not Buddhist Anxiety Extirpation

Public Schools, what are they good for

Each Day We Watch

Former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon has issued a demand for apology from the media over vaccine safety lies.

This is the end my beautiful friend

Pay Pal ain't playing and ain't your pal

Hmmm, so little changes really

Depopulation, and Pfizer

FB censors Truckers

All the lies

The Bernician

Dehumanization and Covid-19

Let Germany revert to National Socialism/Communism

Joe Rogan caves

Human Augmentation

Spotify semi-caves

WHO director praises Neil Young Spotify censorship demands

O Canada

Moar FB Vax Censorship

A card game

Two Poets

The Borg

I protest

Presidential Murder

Let's Rumble



Random Excerpts

Berenson on Journalists

Why rhetorically "I'm not Anti-vax"?

Never has a crime been so documented

Room to Room

D.C. Strippers must mask!

Why this oath of fealty to a grinning idol?

Who Will Bell The Cat?


Evening, Dateline San Francisco 6:35PM

If I had a stock

Dr. Malone

Further to my point in re D.C.

More Bloy

Hurler of Curses

A culture of death


Someone To Love

Human Augmentation

Gary Barnet

From the leaving lock down UK


Imagine there is no virus isolation

5G and Thee

CJ Hopkins

Davos and Dr. Fauci

Good morning Terra

Then comes NIAID



More Totalitarian Fun

More On WEF stakeholders

Walking Back The Daily Party Line

One Tyrant to Rule Them All

Mom and Dad and the Village of Idiots


Covid Deception


Wife Made It Home From Kaiser

Now it is deeply personal

Faux or Free Speech

Phase 1

Life During Wartime

There May Be Justice

Dr. James Canton

What a long, strange trip it's been

It Will Happen Here

The Owning Strata

Eviction For Unvaccinated Sick Children

Round and Round

Viral Fraud

So it begins

Mass Propaganda Strikes Deep

Trouble on my mind

Safe and Effective

Only 50%

Ah Titanism

Lipids and Thou

Mass murder made magically

More Massey

From Corey's Digs

It begins by incremental steps


When will madness end?

Kiwi and Covid euthanasia

A wicked deck of cards

With Gloves On

Whom the Gods would destroy

Unvaccinated Corona Beer

From Of Two Minds

Tell No Truth Or Else


Crimes Against Humanity

Psychology and Covid

The Nasal Swab

Trust Me, I am science

The damned

The Italian lunge into totalitarianism

Vaccine Agony

White Hat Hack

Welcome to Dystopia

Free speech for doctors

Ivermectin: a letter

War and Peace

Al Capone



Moar 5G fun

Let's go there together, let me know your mind

In the Year of Our Ford


Voluntary Servitude


Corporate State and Pfizer State

Murder by Injection

CDC corrupt


Twitter Twisted Malone

No Exit





South Pole